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Introduction and Goal
Renewable Energy Engineering, Research and Applications Center (REERAC) established in late 2010 serve both students at Karabük University and the community. It is well equipped to provide not only academic but also practical study to train students with skills to enhance serving in the field of solar energy in Turkey.
The center has a 21.6 kWp grid-connected solar photovoltaic system that provides electric energy to the grid. In addition, a 1kWp stand-alone system has a 3kW inverter and energy storage capacity of 14.4 kWh. in a set of stationary batteries.  Students are encouraged to design and produce their own solar devices such as mobile telephone chargers. Manufacturing process involves module design by arrangement and connection of solar cells to enable required output characteristics up to 10 Wp.  Lamination is performed at predetermined temperatures in vacuum, using equipment designed at the center. Student gain experience, even though at low scales, in production and use of solar photovoltaic systems in grid-connected and autonomous systems.
The center is host to some research students studying MSc. or PhD. degrees. Usually they are engaged in power electronics, regarding design, analysis and control   interface circuits for harvesting energy from renewable energy sources. These studies mainly concentrate on DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC, and AC-AC converters, their classical and predicting model control circuits. It also extends to cover power electronics circuits that provide controlled drive in electric driven vehicles.